Apr 22, 2008

DriversFest 2000 Car Show FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

How do I register for the car show?
If you haven't already registered by visiting www.vw.com, or by calling
800.435.4201 and registering your car, you may purchase a ticket
through Ticketmaster outlets, or the Arrowhead Pond ticket office and
register for the Car Show on the morning of DriversFest 2000.

Do I need to have a ticket to DriversFest 2000 to participate in the
car show?
Yes. You need to obtain your ticket and wristband for DriversFest 2000
in order to register for the Car Show. Tickets to DriversFest 2000 are
$25, and available at www.vw.com, or by calling 800.435.4201, at
Ticketmaster outlets, or the Arrowhead Pond box office. Tickets may be
purchased on-site the day of the show, but you will need to park in the
staging lot and walk to the box office to purchase your ticket before
registering for the Car Show.

Who can be in the Car Show?
Anyone who has purchased a ticket to DriversFest 2000 may bring their
Volkswagen and participate in the Car Show.

How much does it cost to be in the Car Show?
Tickets to DriversFest 2000 are just $25, and allows you the
opportunity to access to all the activities of DriversFest 2000*,
including the driving events, Volkswagen Village, Barenaked Ladies
concert and more. There is no additional cost to enter your car in the
Car Show.

*New Beetle Cup car rides for charity will require a small donation to
the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD).

How will the cars be brought to the Car Show lot?
Participants will enter the staging lot between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00
a.m. the morning of the show. You will then park, pick up your
registration materials and register at the registration desk. After
your car(s) is registered, you are authorized to return to your car(s)
and proceed to the actual Car Show lot where DriversFest 2000 staff
workers will direct you to park. Parking will be ordered by a pre-
determined arrangement according to vehicle type and class.

How do I find the Car Show staging lot?
From the North (Los Angeles/San Bernardino/San Diego)

Interstate 5:
5 South
Exit on Ball Road, Turn Left
Turn Right on St. College Blvd.
Turn Left on Cerritos and follow
around bend into parking lot

Interstate 15, 91 or 10:
15 to 91 or 10 West to 57 South
Exit on Ball Road, Turn Right
Turn Left on Sunkist
Turn Left on Cerritos and follow
around bend into parking lot

From the South (Orange County/San Diego)

55 or 405 Freeway:
405 North to 55 North, 55 North to 5 North,
5 North to 57 North

22 or 5 Freeway:
22 or 5 to 57 North
Then from 57 North, Exit on Ball Road, Turn Left
Turn Left on Sunkist
Turn Left on Cerritos and follow
around bend into parking lot

How many cars can I enter?
You are allowed to enter two (2) vehicles in the car show.

I'm trailering my car in…will I be able to park my tow vehicle?
Yes. A provision will be made to park tow vehicles at the site. Car
Show participants will unload their vehicle(s), register or pick up
their registration papers at the registration desk and be directed to
the Car Show lot.

How are the classes be determined?
Car classes for the DriversFest 2000 car show will be determined by
evaluating the numbers of each type of cars registered prior to the
event, through the call center and online registration.

What is the schedule of events for the Car Show?
7:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Car Show Staging and Registration
10:00 a.m. Registration CLOSED
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Car Show Judging
2:00 p.m. Car Show Judging Concludes
(Car Show entrants are encouraged to complete their ballots early and
go and enjoy all the activities of DriversFest 2000.)
5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Car Show Awards Presentation
(Arrowhead Pond will provide on-site security patrols at the Car Show
lot during the Barenaked Ladies Concert)

I've never participated in a car show. What do I need to bring?
Most individuals who attend car shows have a few (or a lot of) items
that they bring with them to help their car look its best and make the
day enjoyable. These items usually include:
· Car duster
· Various quick clean and shine car care products
· A bucket of rags, towels and wipes
· A sign of some type identifying the model and listing some of
the strong points of this particular car (e.g. modifications, special
edition, etc.)
· Umbrella or sunshade
· Sunscreen
· Folding outdoor chairs

What will the trophies look like?
The trophies at DriversFest 2000 will be specially made for the event.
They are designed to commemorate the event for years to come and each
one will be personalized with the winner's name, Volkswagen model and
class. Trophies will be awarded to winners and 1st runners-up in each
class. They will be mailed to the winners 4-6 weeks after the event.
Ribbons and exclusive commemorative keychains will be awarded to
winners and runner-ups in each class the day of the show.

Will there be dash plaques at the Car Show?
Yes. Registrants for the DriversFest 2000 Car Show will receive an
exclusive 3x4" dash plaque with the original DriversFest 2000 artwork.
These dash plaques will only be available to DriversFest 2000 Car Show

We'll see you there.

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