May 9, 2008

Cadillac CTS-V laps the ‘Ring in 7m 59s

With the GT-R’s recently lowered Nordschleife lap time set at 7m 29s, a drop of nine seconds from its previous 7m 38s lap, General Motors responded with speculation that the ZR-1 would handily take the production car lap record at any track in the world. While we have yet to see the General prove that claim, the latest showing from the upcoming CTS-V lends some credence to its possibility.

The 5-series sized sedan with what is essentially a detuned version of the same motor that powers the ZR-1 lapped the Nurburgring’s north loop in a scant 7m 59.32s - a time that GM claims is the fastest ever recorded for a production sedan. Piloted by John Heinricy, a GM executive and racing driver, the car was outfitted precisely like the company plans to ship the first production cars later this year.

Cadillac says it will be posting video evidence of the fast lap at its blog some time in the next week, so stay tuned for what is likely to be some great footage of the American super-sedan in action.

With Cadillac’s build quality and workmanship in the CTS series rising to levels widely acclaimed as competitive with its German rivals, the CTS-V’s performance exploits are proving that GM is serious about moving Cadillac into a globally competitive sports luxury brand.

2009 Cadillac CTS-V

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