May 8, 2008

Corvette Pickup Truck Conversion

Last time we checked, there was no mullet hanging around the back of our heads so as expected, we kinda disagree with the pickup truck conversion of this Vette that was created by merging a 1984 Corvette front-end with the rear-end of 1991 model. And if you think that the $35k that ClassyAuto (how ironic…) is asking sounds a lot wait till you here what the original owner spent to create this Vettamino: $115,000 -what a brain-freezer! -More pics after the jump


  1. you freakin serious????????

    i think any self respecting vet owner / lover would probably shoot a person who was willing to perform such sacrilege.. that's almost as bad as cutting your dogs tail off and pinning its ears back to appease your own idiotic self indulgences but at the cost of great ignorance and stupidity.. i think 90% of people who saw this vette would laugh their @$$es off!!!! i know i would.. probably not what they were going for.. you think???

  2. ^^ Oh give me a break. It's an otherwise POS 1984 Corvette dude, not a Monet. (Or, for people who are uneducated, and drive old corvettes as a mid-life crisis tool, thinking they have a collectible car ... ) MONET was famous painter, paintings are truly unique and highly valuable. Unlike old corvettes that were mechanical junk.

  3. Great looking pick up, as Dave says it's not like some one turned a Ferrari 250 GT and turned it into a bread van ;-)