May 28, 2008

Ugur Sahin komt met Ferrari coachbuild: GT-S Passionata

De Nederlander Ugur Sahin, die volop met zijn coachbuilt Corvette Z03 bezig is, heeft nu ook een ontwerp getekend op basis van de Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Dezelfde auto waar onze eigen Michiel zijn Vandenbrink GTO op baseert.

Sahin tekende ooit al een Ferrari Dino concept. Die stijloefening heeft hij nu gebruikt om de GT-S Passionata te ontwerpen. De auto is een ‘feasible design concept’, wat zoveel betekent als: indien er vraag naar is, zullen ze ‘m bouwen.

Ugur Sahin’s USD GT-S Passionata concept.

Working at the final
production preparations for our USD Corvette Z03 project, Ugur Sahin Design
hereby releases the first official images of our new USD GT-S Passionata
The name Passionata refers to the dedicated passion that was used by
Ugur Sahin to take his Ferrari Dino concept of last year to a feasible concept
study in order to create the ultimate design balance for a timeless piece of
Automotive Haute Couture.

Based on the Ferrari 599 Fiorano
aluminium space frame chassis and mechanicals, the USD GT-S Passionata is a
grand sports tourer which design language brings back the days of Ferrari’s
iconic GT and race cars from the sixties.

The USD GT-s Passionata
concept has been developed for the select customer that desires a perfect blend
of neo-classical body design language and modern technologies and road
performance. We present the USD GT-S Passionata as a feasible design concept,
which indicates that when there will be a demand for customer conversions,
production will be arranged

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