Jun 10, 2008

BMW GINA Light Visionary Model

It’s not just American manufacturers that are feeling the SUV sales pinch. Australia’s automotive industry, already in trouble, has been hit hard by the demand for more efficient, or alternative-powered vehicles. Australia is feeling the strain with auto manufacturing plant closures and a slew of lost jobs. In light of the market shift, an emergency fund has been proposed by the Australian government to encourage the development and manufacturing of fuel efficient and hybrid vehicles.
So what’s the next move for car makers? GM is rushing the very stylish looking Volt to production, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Cadillac Provoq wasn’t available soon after. The Malibu, Aveo, and Cobalt will probably get more efficient and likely feature a hybrid version as soon as possible. The Ford Focus is looking like it will become Ford’s flagship vehicle. Toyota and Honda will probably continue to enjoy the spoils of having been foresighted, or lucky, enough to provide the market with a reasonable, in-demand product.

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