Jun 4, 2008

GM Plans to Build 100,000 Volts per Year after 2010

Today truly marks the turning point in the Chevy Volt’s development process.

I began this site on January 12th 2007, a few days after the Volt concept was first introduced. We have analyzed news and information about the car on a daily basis since then, including contributing much original content. There is no question this site has served as a beacon to GM and many of their executives have told me this site is linked on their browsers and blackberrys and they check in regularly.

Today for the first time we hear that the Volt’s mass production program has been funded. Pushed by us, the economy, and the rising cost of oil, GM has agreed to make our Chevy Volt a reality.

We’ve also debated whether the Volt will be a niche car or massively produced. Initial production numbers we’ve guessed at and heard about have varied.

Now Edmunds.com claims inside information that GM intends to build at least 100,000 Volts per year. Obviously, since the first Volts will roll of the assembly line in November 2010, there won’t be 100,000 copies in 2010. But for 2011 and beyond, the Volt will be built in massive quantities right in Detroit, and a long with it presumably a whole suite of E-Flex vehicles worldwide

As usual, I tried to track down the source of this statement. The article’s author quoted Tom Wilkinson of GM. It turns out Tom is GMs director of news relations and I was able to reach him by phone.

He indicated to me that he did not specifically say “100,000,” as the actual target quantity is still not final. He reminded me that Chevrolet is the brand for the masses, and that indeed GM does plan to produce as massive numbers of these cars as the public demands. 100,000 simply represents a fairly sizable number of production cars of any ilk, and seems therefore to be more of a symbolic representation. He re-iterated that the Volt is not a niche car, and will not be “a toy for the rich,” taking a jab at the Tesla Roadster.

Lets face it, the Volt is GMs future, they had better build a lot of them!

Source (Edmunds.com)

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