Jun 10, 2008

Nissan to Provide 'Clean Diesel' Vehicle for Toyako Summit

Nissan Motor Co Ltd announced that it will provide the X-TRAIL "clean diesel" vehicle for test drive at the Environmental Showcase during the Hokkaido Toyako Summit

The prototyped vehicle will also be exhibited at the 2008 Integrated Exhibition of the Environment in Hokkaido (from June 19 to 21, 2008). The clean diesel X-TRAIL is slated for launch in Japan fall 2009.

The clean diesel X-TRAIL released in Europe in 2007 has a piezoelectric-controlled injector with an injection pressure increased to 160MPa, a variable nozzle turbo and a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

In addition to these systems, an NOx storage-reduction catalyst and a high-precision engine control mechanism are employed for the Japanese diesel model in order to be compliant with the Post New Long-term Regulations, which are slated to come into effect in Japan from October 2009.

The NOx storage-reduction catalyst stores NOx in the trapping layer during the regular combustion cycle. In order to purify thus stored NOx, HC remaining in the exhaust gas is increased by changing the engine operation to the rich burn mode, and a small, controlled amount of O2 is supplied thereto. As a result, the catalyst works as a NOx reducing agent, generating H2 and CO, while reducing NOx to N2 and H2O.

To maximize the capability for post-processing, the EGR valve, the electronically-controlled throttle valve, the commonrail system and the variable nozzle turbo are operated in concert with one another, thereby controlling the air-fuel ratio in a highly accurate way.

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