Jul 22, 2008

N-Trance: A car for the aged that is powered by a fuel cell!

This is a wonderful new concept that is really brilliant as it focuses on something that is often and always given a skip by every designer who makes these fancy new concept cars. Not many car makers think about designing a car that is comfortable and easily accessible for the old and which is designed specifically keeping them in mind. But this one adds a whole new dimension to CG car designing by making a car that is specifically for the aged and helps then deal with some very practical problems.

n-Trance is a car designed to address the needs of older drivers, aged 50-70 - who will soon represent a large portion of the population. The vehicle was designed around the major problem for older drivers - access. The exterior design focused on the four doors that opened out to reveal a large entry area for a small vehicle, even in a small parking space thanks to the door mechanism at the centre of the design. The hydrogen fuel cell left a large amount of storage space and enough room for a sliding dash and pedal system - for more room getting in and out.

This is really making use of modern technology to fulfill the practical needs of one and all so that it can indeed benefit us in a very practical way. Just goes to show that cool designs need not be all aimed at only the young and the hip and their right usage will help all those who really could use a bit of a helping hand.

Via: Philistine

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