Aug 9, 2008

A Black BMW has been taped to White

A BMW 335i owner in Munich is getting bored with his black coupe so he hired a team to tape it into white. In two days time, he drove out a “Alpine White” coupe (with an M3-appearing black roof). Cool huh, no more wasting time waiting the paint to dry, just stick only. So guys, please do not stick it with any white tape you get, the one he is using is not a normal tape. It is a 3M wrap, and the process is known as “foiling.” The tape is thick enough to protect the paint from minor chips and nicks and best of all it can be left adhered to the surface for 3-4 years without damage. Oh yeah, what about car wash? No problem, the tape can even withstand an automatic car wash without peeling off. More pictures after the break.

[via Autoblog]

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