Sep 20, 2008

Peugeot teases with 'Prologue…' next gen hybrid

French car maker Peugeot is revealing a "next generation hybrid" car at next month's 2008 Paris Motor Show. Judging from the photos, the 'Prologue…' is not the 'RC' coupe that Peugeot has already been teasing us with, and it's certainly not the 307-based diesel hybrid concept the firm has touted at previous shows. So what do we know?

Not a lot, yet. It produces 109g/km CO2 -- hardly spectacular even for today's tech, as the current Prius is on 104 -- and it's a 'strong hybrid'. In other words, it's capable of running solely on electric power for short distances. We also know the car's rated at 200bhp, and Peugeot claims its eco creds won't compromise decent performance.

For more on the Prologue… (yes, it has an ellipsis as part of its name), come back here on 2 October, when I'll be covering the Paris Motor Show with reams of live news and photos.

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