Oct 25, 2008

Alchemist does the Aston Martin DB7 in gold and platinum

Pimping the vehicles with gold, diamond and precious stones does help to exhibit your opulence on the roads. A few months back, we did a list on 12 bling-bling vehicles, and afterwards, we spotted the Golden Porsche and the Red Toyota Camry with 24-karat gold wheels. Now, luxury customization company, Alchemist has covered the outer surface of an Aston Martin DB7 in 24-carat gold and platinum leaf. The gold-and-platinum Aston Martin will be showcased at the MPH The Prestige and Performance Motor Show in London, the day after the opening of the new James Bond flick Quantum of Solace. Creative director Jacques Blanc at Alchemist quoted…

Forget the everyday optional extras offered by car manufacturers, this is the King Midas of customization and the gold standard of luxury.


Via: MotoAuthority / Jalopnik

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