Oct 23, 2008

Record-breaking world's fastest car to rocket beyond 1,000mph

Get out of the way, everybody, because here comes Bloodhound, the world's fastest car. The British-designed Bloodhound SSC (supersonic car) was unveiled in London today, with plans for a record-breaking supersonic run in 2011. The 42-foot land rocket will reach Mach 1.4 when it blasts across an as-yet undetermined desert in 2011, zipping along at a speed that's literally faster than a speeding bullet.

It'll reach that blistering speed with a huge kick from both a Eurojet EJ200 jet engine and a Falcon hybrid rocket engine. Their combined 47,000 lb. of thrust will propel the $16.2 million carbon fiber and titanium vehicle to its top speed of 1050mph in a mere 40 seconds.

How will it feel to go that fast on land? According to speed record-breaking driver/fighter pilot and mathematician Andy Greene, who will be at the wheel when the Bloodhound makes its record-breaking attempt, "It's going to be quite uncomfortable."

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