Oct 28, 2008

Top New Car Technologies for 2009 – Part 2

Lane Departure Warning – this technology uses a set of cameras to monitor the white and yellow lines on the road. When the vehicle crosses a line without the turn signal being activated the system informs the driver by sounding an audible alert. This helps keep sleepy or inattentive drivers from veering off from their lane. Other advanced lane departure warning systems can actually attempt to steer the vehicle back into the lane or apply the brakes slightly.

In-car Internet – using cellular technology, vehicles can now become a secure Wi-Fi hotspot providing passengers with web access for laptops, video game devices and other gadgets. An example of In-car Internet service is Chrysler’s uconnect Web which is compatible with 2009 Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles.

Blind Spot Monitoring – To help prevent accidents due to the driver’s blind spots, a system of cameras and sonar technologies scans the driver’s no-see zone. If another vehicle goes into the driver’s peripheral vision and the steering wheel turns, a warning light or audible alarm alerts the driver to the possible danger.

Round-View Cameras – To make parking in tight spaces easier, this new technology uses cameras strategically located around the vehicle to project rear, front and side views of on a navigations screen.

Night Vision – New automotive night vision systems use thermal imaging cameras to create a moving video image of people, vehicles and objects beyond the reach of the vehicle’s headlights. Other advanced car night vision systems generate information about the depth of the scene in real time, codifying the distance of every object. For instance, warm colors are for closer objects and cold colors for distant objects. Advanced night vision systems in some cars also process real-time movements, indicating the direction in which the object moves in the scene and how everything changes due to the movement of the car. If the system determines a person ahead of the vehicle is at risk, the driver will receive an audible or visual warning.

Via MSN Autos

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