Nov 6, 2008

Christian Audigier Announces Fashion on Four Wheels

Fashion icon, Christian Audigier, recently announced plans to create a line of customized vehicles inspired by first-class fashion and the jet-set lifestyle under his banner of CA Motoring. Audigier will manufacture two lines of bespoke vehicles based on his original hand-sketched designs. The Audigier signature series, which will bear the gold CA logo along with your choice of custom blended hues, embodies the high-class lifestyle and design. And, the other vision, Ed Hardy Custom Iron, follows an edgier theme of matte exterior paint and tattoo art, aimed at followers of Ed Hardy’s street and rock ‘n’ roll culture. The bespoke vehicles will feature maple wood cabinetry, and accents, ice storage console, center console which houses six-disc Alpine DVD changer, Sony PlayStation 3, Apple iPod, and an Apple Mac mini 80GB computer in a powerized drawer, motorized cigar humidor in center console, 26” high definition flat panel TV in motorized partition and 29” flat panel TVs in door posts. All the features are controlled with a digital touch panel. The flagship vehicle for CA Motoring, entitled VIF1, will actually be Audigier’s personally commissioned super luxury SUV.

Via: PressRelease

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