Nov 3, 2008

Information About Honda Accord Car

There are new and used coupe cars for sale and sedan cars available in USA, but here we shall discuss only sedans.

The Honda Accord and the Hybrid :
The Honda Accord is a fuel efficient, low emission Japanese car import. The car is available in de facto DX, EX, LX, LX-V6, and EX-V6 line up. It is also available in high performance “enthusiast” versions which boast of better performance.

One of the most well known Japanese car import is the popular Honda Accord Hybrid which features the “green” hybrid car that is making waves in the eco-car community.

Accord Design :
The Honda Accord sedan car for sale has many design features which make the car a popular choice among car buyers. A few features worth mentioning are the bright LED taillights, attractive 17” wheel design, a GPS navigator and a valuable maintenance minder system which reminds the owner about scheduled maintenance for the car.

Accord Performance :
The V6 engine of the Honda Accord generates 244 hp. The 4 cylinder engine, on the other hand, gives 177 hp of power. These improvements to the car’s performance were gained by the extensive refinements that the car went through in its intake and exhaust airflow systems. V6 features (VCM) Variable cylinder management technology, which provides even better fuel efficiency.

The car also drives through a Drive By Wire (DBW) system instead of the common throttle cable. This makes the car more responsive and smoother to drive.

The Honda Accord Hybrid, on the other hand, features a 253 hp, 3.0 L, V6 engine and a larger battery back. The Honda Accord Hybrid is easily differentiated from the regular Honda Accord by the difference in their rear light clusters, the antenna, the wheel design, the mirror turn signals and the folding rear which is absent in the Honda Accord. The Hybrid version of the Accord also does not have a 4-way passenger seat.

Safety in Accord :
Accord has (VSA) Vehicle Stability Assist which assists in cruising and keeps you away from danger. In emergency situation it reduces gas & adjusts brake pressure at each wheel to help the driver escape from dangerous situations. Also, the (TPMS) Tire Pressure Monitoring System alerts the driver if tire pressure is significantly down. Every accord is fitted with front, front side and side curtain airbags for extra protection. It’s infact a top pick for safe driving on the road.

Honda Accord Market :
While readily available in the car market, the Honda Accord is also easily accessible in many Japanese used car dealers. In Online Japanese auction sites, the Honda Accord is readily available, Reputable used car dealers offer many good-as-new Japanese used car models and, with proper maintenance, a used Honda Accord can last for years to come. Used car warranty offerings will differ from one dealer to another.