Nov 4, 2008

Romanian Man Attempts to Sell Wife on Auto Website

A Romanian man has put a local used car website to innovative use, offering up his 25-year-old wife who he has apparently become “fed up with.”

Alex Cretu of Bucharest advertised his bride for the rather steep price of $6.4 million, describing his bride as “Model 1983, good condition. Full option, nice suspensions, spacious boot, second owner.” The frazzled husband added, "Price is negotiable, comes with three-year-old and five-year-old accessories. Seriousness demanded."

Though Cretu has received several offers already—low ball bids or parties asking for a sort of human lay-away plan—he has been forced to lower his original asking price substantially, now demanding only $4800 for the troublesome life partner and hoping for a “quick sale.”

Joke or not (and we really, really think this guy had better be joking), we’re not sure that this sort of misogynistic tomfoolery would fly on eBay Motors, spacious boot or no.