Nov 3, 2008

Stallion Take Wing: The Unbelievable Flying Ferrari ‘Autovolantor’ Concept by Moller

High on our list of concept cars that probably won’t see the light of day is this new, and rather bananas concept from Moller International, a flying version of Ferrari’s 599 GTB called the Autovolantor.

Designer Bruce Calkins has theoretically fitted the wacky supercar with a specially designed hybrid fuel and electric power system to run the eight thrusters that would give lift to the car/plane, a system that Calkins believes could be good for as many as 800 horsepower. That power translates to a top speed of 150 miles per hour in the air, with altitudes of up to 5000 feet attainable.

The fans propel the concept on both the ground and in the air, pushing the Ferrari body forward on its wheels with a “firm but not-too-powerful thrust of deflected air,” or skyward with a hovering effect.

The 599 was chosen as the base vehicle for this project because of its distinctive shape, with Calkins noting that testing with scale models, “allowed us to quickly verify that it could in fact be done.”

A production version of the Autovolantor, as unlikely as it may be to every come about, is estimated to ring up for something like $800,000 per vehicle, and could conceivably lead to the worst crash in the history of the Ferrari marquee. Happy flying.