Dec 20, 2008

Eco Cars: iChange – Just another zero-emission car from Rinspeed

Rinspeed has got a reputation to developing weird and unusual cars for the Geneva Auto Show. While we were still thrilled about the sQuaba, which was launched last year at the same show, news has surfaced that the company’s plans for next year rest in a car they call “iChange”.

The iChange will be a “1-2-3-seater” powered by a zero emission electric motor generating 130kw of power, and that’s where a normal car ends and Rinspeed takes over. The car will essentially be a sports car with a single seat for the driver, but if you want to use it a multi-purpose vehicle, you can just flip a button and it turns into a compact sportsvan with two more seats towards the rear. The car will feature an extremely low weight and aerodynamic drag, thus reducing the power consumption. The iChange will be showcased at the 79th International Motor Show to be held in Geneva from 5th March 2009.

The Dark Side:

Like always, this time too Rinspeed is building a car that has no or little practical use. If the engineers at Rinspeed can focus their creative minds into a more useful car, they surely can save the planet from disaster.

Via: Rinspeed