Dec 10, 2008

Eco Cars: 'Mutant-X' electric car for a green drive in 2020

Glimpses of the future have always attracted one and all. These visions get even more exhilarating if they show green and non-polluted urbanities. The “Mutant-X”, designed by Rajeev Nair, is one such car that has the potential to clean the future with its electric, zero emission engines.

The car can carry three passengers and is powered by a battery that powers the independent motors fixed on the wheels of the car. The car comes with thin wheel spokes, sharp rear view cameras, a center-mounted steering wheel with all touch sensitive multifunction displays, advanced passive safety systems and other safety features that include posture sensors and emotion sensors, which sound an alarm in the car if the person on the wheel gets lazy.

The vehicle also includes advanced cruise control, which enables the car to change its wheel base according to the speed at which it’s cruising. The rear wheels along with the extended wheel arc can shrink inside along the axis of the vehicle, thus changing its wheelbase, which betters the aerodynamics of the car, making it more energy-efficient. The car is intended for the 2020 market.

The technology included in the car would ensure a comfortable, safe and sustainable ride, but all this would come at a cost, which most people are not likely to be able to afford. However, if the cost factor is set aside the car could do wonders for places where high traffic and high CO2 levels will have made life miserable by the year 2020.