Dec 24, 2008

Eco Cars: Reconnoitre – Hybrid car assures better mileage with a lightweight body

When it comes to cars, lightweight is the key to better fuel economy. The ever rising prices of fuel and the demand to go green have tempted designers to develop cars that are light in weight and reduce the use of fossil fuels to a minimum. Reconnoitre is one such car that utilizes its carbon fiber body to get the most out of the precious drops of fuel burning in its diesel-electric reverse hybrid engine.

The car has been designed for the city of Boston where parking a luxury sedan can prove to be a nuisance. The hatchback design of the car reduces the amount of boot space but makes sure that the car can easily be driven in congested roads. Reconnoitre comes with a hybrid engine that uses lithium-manganese spinel batteries that last over 40 years before needing a replacement. The car has can fit 4 people with a fold flat rear bench. Apart from a carbon-fiber body the car is designed to have a height adjusting suspension system that promises a comfortable ride on all road conditions.

The Dark Side:
The carbon-fiber body will result in better mileage. However, adding the cost of carbon-fiber and lithium batteries to the already expensive diesel engine the car would be out of reach of most people who would otherwise love to go green.

Via: Local-Motors