Dec 8, 2008

General Motors promises smart car competitor to Congress

For those of us who look for a standard for a smaller, non-hybrid city car that is truly fuel efficient, that standard could very well be the smart fortwo by Daimler/Mercedes-Benz. The car is said to achieve 33/41 mpg.

Perhaps because it wants to impress the members of Congress so that it can get much needed bailout assistance, General Motors is now talking about offering an ultra fuel efficient gas engine car that will rival and compete with the Smart. The new vehicle is said to be the smallest four-passenger vehicle to be introduced into the U.S. market.

Our take? So what is this new car? Many think it is the Chevrolet Beat, which the company has been showing around at car shows and on the internet as a concept. GM will not confirm this. But with all the pressure on the domestic auto industry to show what it can do with the money it is crying for, don’t be surprised.

via Kicking Tires