Dec 14, 2008

Good Lord

“Sweet Jesus! You guys and your talk of blasphemy and not getting it. I bet your grand fathers would turn over in their graves if they about half of what you did to your rides. What in the hell do you guys think hot-rodding is all about. Everyone has his or her own vision of what they expect as they try to make their wheels an expression of themselves. Looks to me like this guy put a lot of work into his ride and just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t mean the entire world should. Next time before you make a comment try and imagine how you would feel if people began putting your ride down and all this after they took the time to post it on CarDomain. To each his own and if there is something you don’t like move on to something that does but thee’s no need to put down someone’s ride. In the mean time just try to remember, we’re all car guys and gals and while we may not all be equal in what we like or can afford we still owe it to each other to have some respect for what it is we all have in common… our wheels.” Gary Faules