Dec 18, 2008

iMo Apple car concept looks for an ‘i’ addition

About a year back, there were rumors of Apple teaming with Volkswagen to make a car. That never happened, but UK based designer Anthony Jannarelly has come up with a car that could go well with Apple’s image. The sleek concept is called iMo. The car has been designed for 2024, but the technology it requires is either available today, or is gearing up to go off the drawing board into the production world.

The automated vehicle moves on a two-wheeled gyroscopic drive, and parks itself at earmarked iPark locations. Controls are managed by a holographic interface that relies on gesture recognition, and then there’s the impressive “soft sphere” that allows the vehicle to be customized according to user needs, to the point of increasing space to add more passengers.

Innovative and interesting as the iMo concept is, IMO it could land the designer into trouble. As Autopia puts it:

    We love the concept, but fear that Mr. Jannarelly will soon become acquainted with another Apple philosophy — this one involving the process of eliminating anything with an Apple logo that didn’t come straight from Cupertino.

Via: Autopia/ iMo Concept