Dec 18, 2008

Mind-blowing remote-controlled tank is 550 pounds of awesome

Here's a remote-controlled, quarter-sized scale model of a German King Tiger panzer that could crush most other RC models under its treads. That's not just because of its size — the World War II era panzer weighs a monstrous 550 pounds. Also, it's six feet long, and powered by two 500 watt electric motors — enabling the tank to tow a full-sized car on an even surface.

The turret works, too — though it doesn't fire (or at least we think it doesn't). But the two-foot-long barrel is motorized to simulate recoil, and it even has speakers that blare the satisfying, heavy noises treads make while crunching along.

So, yeah, the price. With all of those big numbers up there, you should already be expecting this one right here: $10,000. The King Tiger is one of many model tanks of all makes and sizes built by the folks at Mark-1 Tanks, based in Great Britain.