Dec 14, 2008

Nissan 370Z Pricing Leaked By Magazine Ad, Will Start At $29,930

At the Nissan 370Z press launch this past week, the staff on hand wouldn't speak about the new generation coupe's pricing, saying only that it would stay close to where the 350Z starts today. Imagine our surprise then, when we were admiring the car in a full-page magazine ad and started reading the text, which included a base price. When the new and improved car goes on sale in 2009, it'll start at $29,930. That should rank it among the most entertaining cars for under thirty grand.

A closer look reveals more details in the fine print: a Touring model with a Sport package will cost $37,460. What we don't know is whether the "As Shown" car has navigation, as might be included in that price but not mentioned. We estimate the Sport package, which includes 19-inch wheels, a limited slip, stickier tires, bigger brakes, an aero package, and the "SyncroRev" rev-matching shifter, will cost around $3000. That leaves $4000 for the leather-wrapped touring model, but again, that may be the price with navigation. It seems a bit high for just Bose speakers and power leather seats. See the full ad after the jump and look forward to our first drive later this week, when we'll pit the car up against the phenomenal Porsche Cayman S.