Dec 20, 2008

Nuclear powered Bully 2000 a neat concept

We haven’t seen anything interesting in the nuclear powered bike’s genre since the Nuclearrow concept by Julien Vermeulen, until this Bully 2000 with a nuclear reactor in its body. Nuclear power is the world’ largest source of emission-free energy, and to keep up with the mantra of going green, the automotive industry, we believe, needs to exploit this source of clean energy more often over other sustainable ways.

The monstrously built motorcycle is nostalgic in design, however, equally modern with embedded technology. This bike here stuffs electric motors with drive in charge and two massive fans to cool the heat that may be generated by the mind-boggling speed that the bike would ply on. We know this is going to be a powerful beast if the tech ever makes real, though this bike will need to improvise on its retro way of refueling, which requires lifting the seat.

Via: AutoDesign