Dec 6, 2008

The Powerwagon – An Ecofriendly generator to provide green electricity

A Huntington-based company is on a mission to provide a solution for green electricity through a portable gasless and noiseless generator. The result is a machine they call The Powerwagon. The battery-powered generator can be recharged by hooking it on the back of a vehicle and driving it 45-65 miles. The inventors of the generator say that the size and capacity of the machine can be altered in anyway according to the requirements and it can be a great machine to provide power to areas which have been hit by natural disasters.

The Dark Side:
The generator would be wonderful if it’s hooked up on the rear of a donkey-cart or a pedal powered car. However, hooking it to a car powered with fossil fuels would just be a great waste of precious fuel.

Via: Herald-Dispatch