Dec 16, 2008

Spy Shot: Revamped Volkswagen Jetta on the Way?

It seems as if Volkswagen may be working on the next generation of its Jetta sedan, though only very early progress has been made if this first mule is anything to go by.

The new car looks much the same as the current model, with just a few hints at what may turn into substantial changes for the VW volume model. A crudely applied extension in the middle of the car points toward a stretched wheelbase for the Jetta, while a poorly fitting front bumper section may spell the end for the chromed-out nose that the current car wears.

Have a closer look at the Jetta mule in our gallery above and scroll below to read a few of the spy shooter’s own words.

It looks like Volkswagen has started to work on the next generation Jetta. We noticed this Jetta mule with a longer wheelbase than normal. The front bumper didn’t fit right and the front wheel arches seem wider as well.

So far we can only speculate, but we thought we would share the photos with you anyway. As soon as we have more news, we will keep you updated.