Dec 19, 2008

Toyota Camry Hybrid: The Green Car

With gas pricing soaring up, the popularity for the hybrid vehicles are showing an increase. Many car makers have come out with attractive hybrid models. The Toyota Camry Hybrid is one among the most popular of these choices. Let us have a look at the gorgeous features of the Toyota Camry hybrid that makes it stay apart from the other hybrids.

Even though the Toyota Camry hybrid is exactly the same as the previous

Camry sedan models in many aspects, the new Hybrid models possess some features that differ in some ways. As Hybrid cars run partly by electricity and the rest by gasoline, there is no denial that there would be positive outcome. But of course there do have a serious of negative impacts also. Camry hybrid’s later models, such as the 2007 was classified as a “full hybrid” because it could run on gas or on electric energy, depending on the driver’s preference.  Nowadays, the combination of both is considered to be more popular and more and more people are considering investing in these models.

The sales of Toyota Camry hybrid are currently remarkably high. Toyota, the Japanese automaker is doing their best to annex a big part of the market. For this, a massive and research is being conducted to develop the existing specification of the Camry Hybrid. Hybrid is either superior or just within the average level. The Toyota Camry hybrid has a 40 MPG gas mileage while if the highway it has 38 MPG gas mileage. It moves utilizing a four-cylinder engine with gasoline fuel. The maximum capacity of its NiMH 245V battery is about 30 kilowatt or 40 horsepower, peaking at about 192 horsepower or 140 kilowatts. Toyota Camry Hybrid is capable of matching the acceleration speed of the Toyota V6 Camry. The car won the award for the Green car of the Year as well as the Eco-Friendly Car in 2007. Thanks to the ability of low consumption of fuel.