Dec 14, 2008

The Volkswagen Scirocco R20T Goes Green… but even the OilHuggers will Love this One!

For the past year the latest and greatest Scirocco has been the Volkswagen Golf R32 fitted with a normally aspirated, 3.2 liter V-6. Even without the steroids (turbo), the Scirocco can lay down some nice rubber and track times using its 247 hp, 236 lb-ft torque. However, due to its nose weight and ultimate $30 grand-plus price tag, the R32 has been called a “pig” a time or two in its day.

To such naysayers, we simply tell them the day they find a better Scirocco with a smaller, lighter engine, will be the day that pigs can fly. And the Scirocco R20T should do just that, going “wee wee wee wee” all the way to the finish line. Err, at least that will be what the driver will be screaming!

Late last month we received word that the R32 was going to be replaced with a greener 4-cylinder, which according to all reports might end up being called the R20T. Just as the V-8 gas guzzlers of the American vehicles have been taking a lot of guff about their fuel economy and weight, the European 6-cylinder has been suffering that same fate in certain circles. So what is a car company to do but give the people what they want.

Treehuggers aren’t necessarily the Scirocco’s type of driver, so while the engine size may denote a greener, cleaner vehicle, its 2.0 liter turbo, derived from the infamous Audi S3’s is a heck of a lot meaner than any previous Scirocco! That’s right folks, this will become the meanest Scirocco that has ever been built to date. The classic 2.0 designed engine has been estimated to pump out a comfortable 265 horsepower, with room for a lot more than that in the aftermarket.

Top speed of the Scirocco R20T should be able to reach 155 mph, hitting 60 mph in no more than 6 seconds. Designed with some of the same appeal as the infamous Scirocco GT24 race car, it should find no problem finding an audience for its release in the UK and then hopefully the US soon after. However, with its estimated $35,000 price tag, we wonder if that audience will be mostly made up of armchair admirers or enthusiast drivers?