Jan 12, 2009

Hurst Viper’s Up For A Golden Cause

Car for a good cause. Presenting the vibrant 50th Anniversary Hurst/Viper that has been created to mark the 50th year of Hurst Performance. Well, to say the least, the remarkable hot wheels is itching to be auctioned off at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsadle, Arizona on January 17. The benefits will be going to Victory Junction, an organisation that looks after chronically ill children.

The car in the picture above is a gold special version, which is the one to be auctioned off. This car is part of a limited edition line that has only 50 units. After unit number 1 is auctioned off, you can pick your own Viper from two available color combinations in the remaining 45 units; black with gold stripes and white with gold stripes. Both models look spectacular in their shining finesse, so if you can, why not buy both. Trust us, you shall get an all time new high in social status and personal style.

As you move in, prepare to hold your breath, as th eye falls on the elegant charcaol leather with gold stitching and perforated leather inserts. By the by, even the pistol grip shifter has been gold anodized. Get dazzled by the aluminum wheels, Corsa exhaust and Moton Club Sport adujstable suspension springs.

Via egmcartech