Jan 15, 2009

Why to Buy an Electric Car 101

The electric car is coming.

Unlike most things in these days of economic turmoil, you can take that to the bank. But while many automakers have made some sort of commitment to offer some form of electric car, the major question is: Will we buy it?

Well, the promotion has begun. And here are 10 reasons why many pundits say that, Yes, we will be buying electric cars.

1. There is no engine. Think about the savings in gas and maintenance. And there are four electric motors that run the electric car so if one motor goes out, you still have the other three churning along. The now available space can be used by batteries that provide the vehicle with the longer range we all want. There is a new mini vehicle hybrid electric vehicle that has been said to have a range of 900 miles. Wow!

2. Electric cars will be reliable. There is no doubt about that. And there is evidence of that already. There is an electric car that runs on solar power that has driven around the world. Double Wow!

3. The electric car can actually save you money in the long run. They may be more expensive to buy initially, but you will no doubt save on the maintenance and fuel costs.

4. Solar roofs that can be used to provide energy to run the vehicles will provide free power from the sun. Solar panels have already been developed to achieve this and a Prius has been modified to include a solar roof which has been proven to extend its range and make driving even cheaper.

5. They are quiet. Walking on the streets of a large city could be almost a pleasure because it will be so quiet once the old gas engine cars make their way to the junkyard.

6. Samples like the Tesla Roadster already exist which show the benefits: 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds; doesn’t burn oil; travels 244 miles per charge; costs pennies per mile.

7. No infrastructure. The cars can be filled up so to speak by just plugging them into an electrical socket.

8. Besides being able to put solar panels on the roof of the vehicle, transparent solar panels have already been invented that can be put on the windshield providing more capability to turn sun light into energy and thus more range.

9. Believe it or not, there are companies that are developing “Solar Paint” -- paint that can generate electricity. So with solar panels on the roof and windshield and solar energy also coming from the paint on the surface of the vehicle, there is no chance that the car will be without power. Wow! Wow! Wow!

10. Finally, it will end once and for all our dependence on foreign oil -- wait, it will eliminate our need for any oil.

via AboutMyPlanet