Jun 30, 2008

Party-A-CarGo slaps a kegorator on the back of your truck

So you've got an SUV or a truck that's impossible to sell due to the insanely high gas prices. What're you to do? I say you should just accept that you won't be getting rid of that vehicle for a while and adapt. Why not turn it into a portable party machine?
The Party-A-CarGo is a kegorator and sound system that attaches to the tow hitch of your truck, giving you the ability to stop in traffic and pour yourself a frosty beer. You'll be the king of tailgate parties before sports games or concerts, and you can even just back the truck up to your backyard to make it party central. Sure, the $3,000 it costs could be put towards gas or, even better, a new hybrid, neither of those things will help you meet girls.

PartyaCarGo, via Boing Boing Gadgets

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