Jul 25, 2008

FortuneSport Reveals Specs And Prices For Rt.R And Rt.S

US$ 85,000 for street version

A new serious sports car is about to be born. Dreamt by Teritius Fortune, drawn by Emre Husmen, the Turkish designer that conceived the Husmen 699, and generated by Panoz Group, the FortuneSport Rt.S is a 4.17 m long vehicle that is aimed to weigh only 900 kg and powered by a 6.0-litre V8 engine pumping out 350 bhp.

With such technical specs, the Rt.S will go from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds and potentially reach a maximum speed of 280 km/h. When it goes on sale, somewhere between 2010 and 2013, its price tag is expected to read US$ 85,000. However, before this happens, the world will know its racing version, the Rt.R.

We cannot name the first Fortune customers as owners of the Rt.R because, as awkward as it may sound, they will not own the cars. To be part of the sixty fortunate Rt.R pioneers, a deposit of $200,000 USD will be required. The second step will be travelling to FortuneSport HQ in Atlanta (while staying at luxury hotels), to have the car fitted to the customer. In order to save weight, seats are integrated into the chassis, which will make each Rt.R as personal as a tailored shirt.

When the assembly process is completed, which should take no more than three weeks, according to Teritius Fortune, the final installment of $100,000 will be paid and FortuneSport’s clients will have their cars transported to them. From there they have the right to drive the Rt.R at non-professional track-day events, as well as FortuneSport-sponsored events held with Skip Barber Racing Schools.

“For the most part, the Development Program will be a way to build the brand experience with the customer and to help the engineers build a car that the customers can actually use. We will look at them as pre-production prototypes and as a marketing exercise (images, race tracks, etc.). I know it’s risky, but I think this will work well if we are open with our clients”, said Fortune to WorldCarFans.

The fact that the Rt.R will serve as a development prototype for the Rt.S helps make all the payments of US$ 200,000 totally refundable. “Although repairs and maintenance are borne by the driver, the entire $200,000 amount is refundable once the program comes to a close, anywhere between 3 and 5 years. Part of the money will be used to manufacture the cars, but, as we have to make development prototypes anyway, this is not much of a loss to us”, said Fortune. An almost irresistible investment for anyone that can afford it.

What if you want to keep your Rt.R? You may, of course. “The customer has the option to keep the car once the program is over. In this case, the transaction is converted to a sale. If he chooses to return the car, then we would return the entire amount to him. Of the vehicles returned, some will be destroyed, some will be converted to racing vehicles, some as development mules for the next generation of the Rt.S, and a few to the FortuneSport Museum (if there should be one at that point)”, said Fortune.

When asked, most people would you pay $200,000 (with full refund) to drive a 900 kg, 350 bhp car? However, the Rt.R is 150 kg lighter and 160 bhp stronger than the Rt.S, putting its weight at 750 kg with 510 bhp. Keep in mind the Rt.S goes 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds and top speed of 280 km/h - considering there will be only 60 of them, you should be quick to make your deposit. The Rt.R program begins by the end of this year.

Source: FortuneSport

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