Jul 10, 2008

Hyundai to Release Hybrid Car with LPG Engine, Li-Polymer Battery (Video)

Hyundai Motor Company of Korea announced that it will release "Elantra LPI HEV," a hybrid vehicle based on its "Elantra," in July 2009 in Korea.

The vehicle employs the mild hybrid system that incorporates a Li-polymer secondary battery manufactured by LG Chem Ltd of Korea, a 1.6L LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) engine, a 15kW DC motor and a CVT (continuously variable transmission). Hyundai will only launch the vehicles in the Korean market initially but is prepared to export them to foreign markets where LPG supply infrastructure is established.

The fuel cost of Elantra LPI HEV has been reduced by the adoption of a LPG engine. As of the first week of June 2008, gasoline cost 1,907 won per litter (¥191, 1 won = ¥0.1) while LPG costs 1,828 won (¥183) in Korea. When fuel costs are compared based on the figures, the fuel cost of Elantra LPI HEV is 40% lower than that of other existing hybrid vehicles and 50% lower compared with the gasoline engine version of Elantra.

The additional vehicle cost paid for a hybrid vehicle will be offset by the difference in fuel costs in about two years. The CO2 emission is 103g/km, which is 90% less than a gasoline engine.

Hyundai Elantra LPI Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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