Jul 30, 2008

A tribute to the Peugeot 405 Mi16

Even though it isn’t one of the best known cars to have come out of the Peugeot assembly lines, 405 Mi16 has always been remembered as a good enough sedan. Offering firm, sports car-like control and agility, the 405 Mi16 came laced with a high-revving 16-valve four-cylinder pumping out 150 shrieking horsepower which back then was considered a great output for a sedan.

With a boy racer feel to it, the 405 Mi16 was less expensive to own than other power sedans of the time but these still aren’t yet considered collector cars for some odd reason. Anywho, these videos below really bring out the best of the Peugeot 405 Mi16, with the first video being the famous “Take Your Breath Away” 405 commercial.

The second is award-winning short French film showing Ari Vatanen effortlessly shredding Pikes Peak in a 405 T16 at the Dakar Rally and the Pikes Peak hill climb.

The third video is dubbed all over in foreign languages but features a high-tech intro to the car’s making and proceeds to give us some of the most stunning Dakar and Pikes Peak coverage.

Source: Car Lust Blog

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