Jul 20, 2008

‘Ze-o’, the new green family car

Still looking for an electric car which isn't Noddy-sized and can take all your family junk? Well, next week you'll have a fresh alternative to electric superminis like the G-Wiz as the NICE Car Company is unveiling a fully electric MPV dubbed the Ze-O.

NICE, which already makes the electric Mega City, says the Ze-O is set for a £14,000 price tag and will hit 55mph over a 65 mile range. Details beyond that are scarce right now -- the full lowdown comes 23 July at the British Motor Show -- but if it is a family-sized four seater, those specs aren't bad.

NICE is also promising a Lithium-ion version which means those figures might get a boost in the future too.

The Ze-O's due on sale autumn, but SmartPlanet's off to the British Motor Show next week so keep your eyes dialled here for photos and a first-hand report.

In the meantime, Autobloggreen has the full press release behind the story.

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