Nov 25, 2008

Okay, Who Can Resist a Good Bailout Joke?

Detroit's Big Three Automakers are jousting with the U.S. Congress for their continued existence, and nobody denies that's serious business.

But as usual, what got the auto companies to this place has opened Detroit Inc. to plenty of ridicule - and not all of it is mean-spirited.

conan o'brien.jpgLaughter may or may not be the best medicine for this predicament. Either way, here are a few examples of our favorite "bailout humor" that hit the national stage:

NBC's Conan O'Brien:

"The auto executives for the Big Three are being criticized now, because, before they asked Congress for billions of dollars, they all flew to Washington in private jets. Yeah, separately, in private jets. In their defense, the executives said, 'We would have driven, but our cars only get three miles to the gallon.'"


"Earlier today, the heads of the GM, Ford, and Chrysler appeared together in front of Congress to ask for a $25 billion bailout. When asked what they would do with the money, all three said, 'Buy a new BMW.'"

NBC comedy legend Jay Leno:

"The three big domestic automakers are now saying they are working jointly on a new hybrid car. It runs on a combination of state and federal bailout money."

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Late-night comedy host Conan O'Brien (courtesy NBC).