Dec 26, 2008

MOTOrepublic Beta concept bike: No sound no emissions

The look of course is the best thing in a bike. Yet, the roar that a perfect engine creates is what just gets me gushing with fervor. There are many like me there, and also for the environmentally conscious fellows, MOTOrepublic is outrightly designing a prototype of an electric bike that goes cutting emissions to zero. Yes, the CO2 emissions are done with, but then all the electric bikes do that. Here is where the difference lies, with this lately in design MOTOrepublic Beta even the noise pollutions gone.

MOTOrepublic Beta in the electric avatar is a fascinating bike, which if hits commercial, would find many takers, me included. The bike is framed in a conceptually new ultra-thin exoskeleton frame, and adorns an attractive battering ram-like headlight. We see this as a new rage on the street racing circuits (if there are any), but is this a great idea for the MotoGP, we ain’t really sure, what’s your take?

Via: StyleCrave