Dec 28, 2008

Nissan GT-R Tuned To The Max

Wild new GT-R gets extra bite from firm that tuned the Vip[er

IT was supposed to be the car which was untunable, but a stunning new upgrade for
the Nissan GT-R proves this is no longer the case.

Hennessey Performance – which made its name by fettling the Dodge Viper – has turned its eye to the Porsche 911 rival.

It was already a formidable proposition, and has been given a power boost from 473bhp to 700bhp, with the firm’s Godzilla kit turning up the torque to 854Nm.

The extra grunt is delivered by a pair of turbochargers, an upgraded boost controller and new intercoolers, as well as uprated exhaust components.

At the same time, a Japanese workshop has turned the received wisdom of more bhp per buck on its head. Auto Labo has produced an aerodynamic bodykit for the Toyota Prius, to boost the hybrid’s economy.

Priced at 258,000 Yen (about £1,800), the upgrade streamlines the car’s shape
by reworking the bumpers and lowering the side skirts, as well as adding a new rear apron, carbon wing and fully encased suspension.

The biggest visual change sees the rear wheels wearing futuristic-looking yet simple bolt-on covers. However, the Prius’s eco-credentials could be harmed if you also specify the wide exhaust Auto Labo offers.