Jun 22, 2008

High School Students Invent Electric Motorcycle

With gas prices and global warming becoming more and more of an issue every day for average Americans, a group of talented high school students on the Experimental Vehicle Team from Saint Thomas Academy in Mendota Heights, Minn., has applied its ingenuity to develop, from scratch, a lithium-phosphate-ion-powered motorcycle that can travel at speeds of 60 miles an hour for 50+ miles before needing to be recharged.

Of course, they’ve also worked to address consumers' safety concerns by designing this commuter bike with "crush zones" formed by compressible materials, and other safety features to protect the driver by keeping their eco-conscious traveler inside the vehicle in a collision.

What's Next for the Electric Motorcycle?

The team was one of 16 high schools to receive an InvenTeams grant of up to $10K to identify a real-world problem and invent a practical solution to it, and is expected to show off the bike at MIT next week.

Afterwards they’re expected to invent a solar-charging station to make it truly carbon free. So congrats to these creative engineers in training for coming up with a terrific idea to help green the Planet!

Via: Press Release

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