Jul 28, 2008

MINI John Cooper Works Viral Video No.2

After the first installment of MINI's John Cooper Works viral campaign titled, NOT EXTREME ENOUGH?, we weren't sure if we were going to follow through with installment No.2. So, we decided to present No.2 to you and let you decide if installment No.3 should be passed over.
In this installment, two Japanese tourists are visiting a zoo. Suddenly, a crazy guy jumps over a hedge into the tapir park of the zoo. He does some karate moves behind the tapir, followed by a prostate check.

Somehow, we like this second viral video, not because of the punchline (no pun intended), but instead the faux Karate moves - always good for a laugh.

But we will let you decide. Please leave a comment below and let us know if we should continue with installment #3 or not.

Source: MINI

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