Nov 5, 2008

Spy Shot: Bentley Continental GTC Speed Uncovered, Interior Shots Captured

The Speed version of the GTC should immediately become one of the fastest convertibles one can buy when it wafts into dealerships, owing most of the credit for that claim to the prowess of the 600 horsepower W-12 engine that’s under hood. The GTC Speed will also feature a lower ride height than the standard car, as well as a stiffer suspension, and wider (20-inch) wheels. Bentley has given subtle clues to the added performance of the Speed tuned car, with a cheeky little rear spoiler giving a nice counterpoint to the more aggressive front bumper.

The total lack of disguise on the hotted Bentley makes us believe that the fully finished Continental GTC Speed should be available for (highly exclusive) purchase quite soon. Scroll down below to read the shooter’s own words about the car.

With both the Bentley Continental GT and the Continental Flying Spur as Speed versions, there was no question IF the GTC will come as a Speed version as well, the question was more WHEN?

And here it is, the Bentley Continental GTC Speed, one of the fastest convertibles on the world, having a W12 under the hood that delivers a massive amount of 600 horsepower. The sound of the GTC is already rock’ n ´roll, but in the Speed version Rolling Stones has been exchanged to AC/DC.

Compared to the normal GTC, if you can consider a GTC normal, the suspension is stiffer, wheels are wider and 20 inch and it’s running closer to the road. Other exterior changes are the new front bumper and a little boot spoiler.