Nov 5, 2008

Unique Toyota MR2 In Ferrari 360 Spyder Drag On eBay!

Ferrari replicas built from lesser mid-engined vehicles are certainly nothing new, but rarely have we seen one so comprehensively reworked as this 2003 MR2/Ferrari 360 Spyder knockoff.

Now, most any Ferrari fan worth his or her salt will take a glance at the above droptop and think that there’s something not quite right, but the car is attractive enough in its own way, with a nose that reminds us a bit of a Fiat Barchetta. While this 360 Spyder knockoff isn’t spot-on, we find it charming and cheeky in its own way… and that normally isn’t the case for us when the visual cues and proportions of one car are subjected to another vehicle’s chassis and hard points.

The car is now on eBay with just 23,000 miles and a boatload of extras. As of this writing, it’s been bid to $20,000, but with a Buy It Now price of $34k, this South Carolina salvage-title convertible appears to be well shy of its reserve.

+ eBay: 2003 Replica/Kit Makes