Dec 6, 2008

Eco Cars: Ecotricity aims to develop a wind-powered sports car

Eco Factor: Retrofitted Lotus Exige to run on wind power.

Ecotricity is known for harnessing nature and developing systems that provide green and affordable electricity to all. The energy company has now taken up the task to develop a wind-powered car, which would actually be a retrofitted version of the Lotus Exige.

The company’s founder, Dale Vince, states that he and his team are currently working to transform a Lotus Exige couple with no aspect of the car going untouched. The car would contain 96 batteries and it is expected that the car would have a top speed of over a 100mph and would be able to accelerate from standstill to 62mph in about 4 seconds.

Vince desires to preserve the tough looks of the car even after making it more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient. He is also keen to include a transparent rear boot so that the mechanics involved could easily be seen by everyone. The first prototype of the car is expected to be unveiled within the next few months with mass production to follow.

The Dark Side:
The wind-powered sports car would definitely make some heads turn. However, Vince just has to make sure that the cost of the car should not be much more than what one already pays for a sports car.

Via: MotorAuthority