Dec 6, 2008

Live Mesh turns Porsche into MeshMobile

Okay, so here’s the deal. A guy called Ori Amiga, who also happens to be principal group program manager of Microsoft’s Live Mesh, adds the system to his Porsche just to show the world what the Mesh can do. Also, while he was at it, he decided to rename the car, and the Porsche became the “MeshMobile”. With a few modifications to the Mesh, Amiga is now able to complete a truckload of functions while sitting in his car.

With its mobile syncing mediator, the MeshMobile allows Amiga to check the weather, browse the net, access his entire music collection, have the car read him his mail, and let his family and friends track his whereabouts using GPS and Virtual Earth. So, the Mesh has displayed immense potential, and soon some enterprising guy will tinker with it and add more functions, and hopefully, they’ll come up with a more creative name than MeshMobile.

Via: ars technica