Dec 29, 2008

New Jaguar XF Diesel S Revealed with 275hp 42 mpg!

Official Jaguar XF Diesel S details have emerged, and the specs look pretty good. As far as luxury sports sedans go, the 0-60mph time of 5.9 seconds is impressive, as is the very efficient 42 miles-per-gallon fuel consumption level.

Jaguar's new engine, the AJ-V6D Gen III S 3.0-liter diesel, manages 271 horsepower and 442 ft-lb of torque. Inside, parallel turbochargers give the car a bit more oomph, with a large, primary turbo doing most of the work, and a secondary turbo providing more power above 2800 rpm. Turbo-lag is mostly eliminated, as the first turbo whips up 500 Nm of torque within a half-second. Pushing the car to a top speed of 155 mph (electronically limited), this is one of Jaguar's best diesel engines ever. The engine already meets EU5 emission standards, producing 179g per kilometer of CO2.

Of the system, powertrain chief engineer Ron Lee said, "The new parallel sequential turbocharger system on our new V6 diesel delivers V8 levels of performance from very low revs. It's a power unit that offers superb flexibility and remarkably low fuel consumption and emissions, while building on the refinement that has become a trademark of our Jaguar diesel engines."

In fact, the XF Diesel S has a 0-60mph time that is 1.8 seconds faster than the model with the 2.7-liter petrol engine, and it is 0.8 seconds faster than the new 3.0-liter petrol model. A six speed automatic transmission times the gear changes for the driver.

"[The new XF Diesel S] is another great example of Jaguar delivering unrivalled performance while at the same time taking the level of refinement in diesel engines to a whole new level," said Jaguar Programmes Director Mick Mohan.

19 inch wheels, and a more aerodynamically trunk help the Jaguar XF Diesel S to stand out a bit more. We are absolutely looking forward to taking this car on the road.