Dec 21, 2008

Not So Pretty In Pink: Paris Hilton's Custom Bentley Continental GT

This is just wrong. The ever outspoken Paris Hilton just dropped $200,000 on a Christmas present for herself -- a custom-built Bentley Continental GT. Because Paris wouldn't have it any other way, the whole car is finished in pink -- the sheetmetal, grille, wheels, and most of the interior, too. This one-time-only Continental GT was created by West Coast Customs, who are famous for being able to do endless modifications on just about any car that comes through their shop.

When speaking to television network E!, Paris said, "I've just always wanted a pink car. I think when you're a little girl and you have the Barbie Corvette you're always like, 'Oh, I wish I had a car like this one day,' so I think it just comes from being a fan of Barbie for so long."

Be sure to scroll through the gallery for full detail shots of Paris' pink Bentley,

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