Dec 9, 2008

Porsche GT-1 Kit Screams ‘Class’ and ‘Panel Gap’

A new candidate for a spot at the top of our list of “Worst Porsche Kits Ever” (stay tuned for that one), is this confluence of design miscues from World Class Exotics, called the GT-1. Ostensibly the kit you purchase if you want your Porsche to look like a marginal Hot Wheels car (sorry Hot Wheels), the GT-1 kit attempts to recreate the fierce façade of the legendary Porsche Le Mans racer, though seemingly without recourse to measuring devices of any kind. The baffling kit is at least impressive for the sheer number of donor cars WCE is seemingly willing to slap it on, as the 914, 911, or Boxster are all fair game.

In what we can only imagine is an attempt at proving the world classiness of its product, WCE has posed its GT-1 in front of several high-end retailers, various mansions, and of course with an alarmingly young looking model. That’s class for ya boy.

It is worth noting that the rest of the WCE kits seem to be of a much higher standard than the GT-1 seen here. Click through the link below to check out the full range.