Jun 27, 2008

Ozone, the crazy cylinder-shaped car powered by a fuel cell

Let’s take a step back from conventional automobile design for a minute and take a look at Ozone. This rolling cylinder created by Istanbul designer Özkan Koral is a design concept for a Peugeot hydrogen-powered car, where each of the huge wheels is independently powered by electric motors.

It’s controlled by a joystick, and entire front of the car opens up when the door rotates underneath. See the gallery below for a view of the car completely closed with its semi-transparent windows covered up. It reminds us of those canisters you use to pass money to drive-through bank tellers.

Not to be a spoilsport, but I’d hate to change the gigantic tires on this thing. Also, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles sound like a great idea until you start calculating their cost, as well as the monumental task of setting up a reliable network of refueling stations across the planet. Even so, this innovative design could be adapted to plug in, too.

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